Course curriculum

    1. Lesson 1: Introduction - Our Why

    2. Lesson 1 Assignment - Intro Survey

    3. Lesson 2: Critical - Define the Problem and Project

    4. Lesson 3: Design Discovery - Find Your Inspiration

    5. Lesson 3 Assignment: Identify Competitors of Either Your Business, or Starbucks. Find their websites and answer the following:

    1. Lesson 4: Overview of Wix Tool

    2. Lesson 5: Build Menu / Page Outlines

    3. Lesson 6: Build Homepage Hero Banner

    4. Lesson 7: Finish Homepage - Adjusting Strips, Cookie Consent, Site Footer, and Critical Legal Documents

    5. Lesson 8: Design Other Key Pages

    1. Lesson 9: Intro to Search Engine Optimization

    2. Lesson 10: Mobile Design - Extremely Important

    3. Lesson 11: Testing

    4. Lesson 12: Making Website Live

About this course

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  • 14 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

See What Our Customers Say

“I am an independent business owner and the SlingShot team built my website from scratch on a very tight timeline to ensure it was live in time for my critical business season. Jonathan, Dreu, and the whole team acted as savvy partners by offering solutions, providing beautiful design & intentional UX/UI. I recommend this team for anyone looking for a digital partner not just to build a great website but to make thoughtful branding decisions & bring value to your business along the way. Their pricing is also very reasonable and I never felt they were trying to sell me services that weren’t beneficial to my business. Thank you to the Slingshot team!”

Maha Elsarrag Events

“These guys are fantastic!!! I have a mobile detailing business and I was looking to expand my business and these guys have taken it to another level I've gotten so many people who like my website saying that it was very professional done and it is very very nice looking website if I should say so myself. If you looking to expand your business to get out there these guys will take there time to help you reach your goals!!! Thank you all for all you have done for me....thank you.”

Tim McNeill

“Great intake session. These gentlemen asked all the right questions and listened with the intent of delivering. I believe they offered a structured approach to assessing the project scope and demonstrated the skillset to manage my request. I look forward to the venture and already see the value they create with the services they offer.”

Karen Marsh

“These guys are truly fantastic! They have a genuine desire to help you elevate your business and ensure that you are completely satisfied. I had a vision of what I wanted my website design to look like, and these guys absolutely brought my vision to life and simply nailed it! They also assisted me with the design of my business cards, and were relentless on the design until I was 100% satisfied.”

Mayra Iniguez

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